Update 08/01/2017
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10 Years of us

2017 is an important year for us, in this year marks the 10 anniversary of the birth of "I Birmani dello Stretto Incantato", 10 years of immense joy, many acquaintances, many new families and people come into our lives. Well, this year 's so important to us is dedicated to all of you, to all owners of our cats and kittens, and of course all our cats and kittens over the years have made it possible that our passion and dreams they could have a sequel. We are the merits of our commitment and dedication of our love, but of one thing we are aware that without you and without our cats and kittens, we could not continue to exist. That is why mine is a dutiful and heartfelt THANK YOU, thank you to all the families who have come into our lives by adopting our "Cats" and thank you also to my wonderful Birmans.

I decided to take a break, breeding involves much effort and time, and right now they are not able to devote myself to everything. I remain at your disposal for information about this wonderful breed.





06 May 2016 we celebrated the first 10 years of my sweet Melody
If we say that we love ... The very little we would say ...!

Expo Casale Monferrato
Melody me and Nicole (October 2015)


In the picture one of our most beautiful Baby
with Mel his favorite nanny



Our cattery is a legally recognized in 2007
dall '(FIFe) and the Italian Association Naziaonale Felina
(FIFE) International Feline Federation European
All our cats and kittens as regulation,
leave our breeding provided the right pedigree certificate (pedigree)
according to current technical standards of pedigree breed book.



Il We breed for passion beautiful
Sacred Birmans since 2007.
from 'ANFI and FIFE,
for any information on our Magical World Birmans
contact us
we are happy to share with you
our love for this wonderful breed
We live in Alessandria 80 km from Turin, Genoa and Milan

My kittens will be delivered to the new owners only personally. Have possible home deliveries throughout Italy and Europe, carried out exclusively by me for info and prices please contact us.


"Sacred Birmans"
of Tina Romeo
recognized by year 2007

we are to Alessandria